The board

The board

Board 2022-2023

From left to right

Chair Manouk Jacobs
Secretary Marieke Rotman
Treasurer & Director of Small Activities: Zoë Voss
Director of Large Activities Darina Knoops

Previous boards

Board 2021-2022

Chair: Eva Peters
Secretary: Manouk Jacobs
Treasurer & Director of Education: Lucia Komen
Director of Activities: Joey Curilan

Board 2020-2021

Chair: Demi Bartels
Secretary: Rosemarie Koster
Treasurer & Director of Education: Eva Peters
Director Small Activities: Jisca Harder
Director of Large Activities: Joey Curilan

Board 2019-2020

Chair: Demi Bartels
Secretary: Rosemarie Koster
Treasurer: Jisca Harder
Director of Activities: Reinoud Otten
Director of Education: Brigitta Emonds
PR manager: Kayleigh van Mierlo