Become a member!

Become a member!

Become a member!
Do you want to become a member of Asterix?
There are four different kinds of membership:

  • regular membership, for students who are following or who've recently followed either one or more courses of the Celtic BA at UU. This membership is €20,-
  • alumni membership, for everyone who has finished Celtic Studies at the UU. This membership is €10,-
  • teacher membership, for everyone who teaches or has taught a course connected to Celtic Studies at the UU. This membership is free.
  • Friend of Asterix, or donorship, which is available for anyone that wishes to support the association. As a Friend of Asterix, one is welcome to join the educational activities, for example lectures. Friends of Asterix can only join casual activities if they are invited by a general member, and the request has been approved by the appropriate committee. Friends of Asterix also do not have the right to vote at general member meetings. This membership starts at €20,-

It is also possible to choose a joined membership with the A.G. van Hamel foundation. Members of Asterix who apply for this receive a €8,- discount op het begunstigerschap van de Stichting. Deze optie kost €20,-, plus de kosten van het gekozen lidmaatschap van Asterix.

Our membership form can be found here A reminder with the link will be sent during the summer holidays by the university to those who will be starting with Celtic Studies in September.