Our bookshelf
We have a richly-filled bookshelf in our board room containing books about Celtic languages in general, mostly Welsh and Irish, but also about history, art and linguistics related to Celtic. You're always welcome to scurry through our bookshelf during our coffee hours!

A large section of the books on our shelf is available for purchase, and a much smaller part is loan-only. If you're interested in buying or borrowing a book you can contact our treasurer via

If you would like to donate books you can also email

Asterix book market
Asterix organises a book market each year for her members and other interested parties. If you want to know when and where the market will happen be sure to periodically check our social media! It's not possible as of yet to look through our bookshelf online and buy/borrow books from there.

Member discount at Irish publishers DIAS and RIA
Our members can order a part of their study material via us. This ensures our members a 10% discount at Dublin Institute for Advanced Studies and a 20% discount at the Royal Irish Academy. We usually order a large amount of these study books during the summer holidays for the new academic year, but you can order a book from DIAS and RIA through us throughout the year if you would like to make use of this discount. Please contact us at to order a book at DIAS or RIA.

Book list for the first year
Here you can find the first-year booklist (when it is known to us it will appear here). The booklist for the first-years will also be shared by email at the start of the year. The titles in bold can be ordered through us at DIAS and RIA.

Introduction to Celtic Studies (block 1):

  • John Haywood, The Historical Atlas of the Celtic World, reprint 2009.

Old Irish: Language and Culture 1 (blok 1):

  • Ranke de Vries, A student’s companion to Old Irish grammar, 2nd edition.
  • John Strachan, Stories from the Táin, 3rd edition (RIA).
  • Optional, recommended: John Strachan, Old Irish Paradigms & Selections from the Old Irish Glosses, 4th edition (RIA)

Old Irish: Language and Culture 2 (block 2):

  • Rudolf Thurneysen, A Grammar of Old Irish (DIAS).

Middle Welsh 1 (block 3):

  • D. Simon Evans, A Grammar of Middle Welsh (DIAS).
  • Robert L. Thomson, Pwyll Pendeuic Dyuet (DIAS).
  • Sioned Davies, The Mabinogion (Oxford World’s Classics). [Take note: the university library gives free online access to this book, but the page numbers can differ from the numbers in the course manual. Even if you don't physically order this book, it is still mandatory reading!]

Middle Welsh 2 (block 4):

  • Natalia Petrovskaia, Delw y Byd: A Medieval Welsh Encyclopedia (MHRA). [Take note: this book is also digitally available for free in the university library.]

Historical Linguistics and Languages of the British Isles (block 4):

  • Robert McColl Millar, Trask’s Historical Linguistics, 2nd edition.