The committees aid the board of Asterix in organising several activities. Singing up for these committees is usually possible at the beginning of the academic year. You'll receive an email with a sign-up form included. In advance, however, you can read up on our different committees here:

Activity committee - Idéfix

All throughout the year Asterix organises several activities, both casual as well as educational. Take lasergaming, karaoke, or a nature walk for example, as well as a guest lecture. Members of this committee aid the Director of Casual Activities with organising and promoting these activities.

Newsletter committee – Kakofonix

Kakofonix is our informal newsletter (or digital journal) that we release twice a year. All members of the newsletter committee can prepare and execute their own ideas for topics to discuss in the newsletter, such as the experiences of an exchange program or a brief article on a concept from Celtic literature. Anything is welcome!

PR-committee – Hippix

Hippix is our PR-committee! Members of this committee help with writing texts for posts for Instagram and Facebook, keep the Twitter up to date and help with the upkeep of the website.

Camp committee - Panoramix

At the end of block 1 Asterix is organising a Halloween camp! As a member of Panoramix you help with organising the camp, such as brainstorming for activities, leading these activities at the camp or to prepare promotional material.

Travel committee - Obelix

In the reflection week between block 3 and 4 Asterix goes on a study trip to either a Celtic country or area. As a member of Obelix you help with finding a destination, as well as organising activities during the trip, and making promotional material.