Throughout the entire year we organise fun activites for all the Asterix members. Will we see you soon?

We try to make sure that most of the activities are somehow related to the courses, such as visits to an archive to see manuscripts, lectures by our teachers and visits to museums.
Naturally, it's not quite our intention to have everything be study-focused - that's why we also include a lot of casual or informal activities. We always host a coffee hour each week, as well as larger activities such as lasergames or karaoke. Some activities are held more throughout the year, such as movie nights.

The largest activity that we host is the yearly study trip, which is planned in April between block 3 and 4. We usually visit a Celtic-related country during the trip.

At our activities you have the opportunity to learn about your fellow students, as well as the students from other years. Studying is simply more fun with friends all around!

If you're interested in the activities we'll be hosting, make sure to regularly check out our Facebook and Instagram!

Non-members are more than welcome to join us on activities, but pay a price of around 25% increase to the member price.